Hi, Iā€™m Andreas Klostermaier, founder and ceo of append[x] GmbH, based near Munich (Germany).

I was originally educated as typesetter (phototypesetting). The profession does not exist anymore, but I have preserved a strong passion for the history of printing and typesetting.

I then spent two decades as co-founder and active partner of system integrators Vision GmbH and censhare AG.

Today I work mainly as a consultant and project manager in all domains of digital publishing.

I am also the inventor of qCrop ā€“ a novel technology to tag digital images in such a way, that a computer can automatically crop them to any aspect ratio and size in the best possible way.

Last but not least I am a software developer with a focus on the Rust programming language and Webassembly.

For anyone who cares: I use Linux and prefer Emacs, spaces and dark mode. Org mode rocks my life and my current coding & terminal font is Iosevka (variant ss14). I like brutalist web design and monospaced fonts.

You can reach out to me by email: contact@klostermaier.de